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A/C Recharging and Performance Check

Like most things in your car, you probably don’t really pay much attention to the A/C unit until you need it and it doesn’t work right. If you turn the car on, flip on the A/C, and the engine purrs as usual - you might not give your A/C another thought. However, if you notice that air just isn’t blowing like it should or like it did before, you need to pay attention. It may be time for A/C recharging and a performance check.

There are kits you can buy now to do the A/C recharging yourself. Most of them come with simple tools and clear instructions on how to get the job done. You can learn how to recharge the refrigerant to blow cold air throughout the car. All it really takes is knowing how to use the charging hose and read the temperature dial that comes in the kit. When doing your own recharging and performance check, it is important to have the air on the maximum level of cold. You need to make sure you don’t overcharge it either.

When you notice the system isn’t working right, it may be that you need some simple recharging, or you could have a deeper problem. You may be dealing with leaks of Freon or cracks. These issues need to be repaired as soon as you realize they exist.

When it is time to crank the air and you just aren’t getting what you expect, you can try self-maintenance or you can turn to the experts at Murphy’s Tire Auto Service Center (car repair Canandaigua NY).

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