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A Look at Potholes

There are so many hazards to think about in the winter. The amount of things you need to remember and prepare for can seem endless. You have to get gas for the snow blower before a storm, keep your gas more than half full in the car, keep cat litter or a shovel in the trunk, and pay attention to all of the hidden dangers that are on the road every day. That’s why your mechanic Canandaigua NY expert is here for you!

You already know to take it slow when there is ice buildup or snow on the road but, that ice and snow isn’t the only danger. As the roads freeze and thaw over the course of a tough winter, like this year, cracks form. Those cracks get bigger as the water and ice seep in and loosen the pavement. Dirt and debris can fill it in, but the elements are already creating a hole in the pavement that we all refer to as a pothole.

Some potholes can be small and you may glide over them without an issue. But, as winter goes on, small potholes get bigger and can create massive holes. When you have a clear view, you can just go around them, but when snow is covering them, or they are around a curve, or on top of a hill - you can’t avoid them.

This is when your car pays dearly for being out on the roads. Potholes can lead to more than a bump or jolt, they can cause real damage—damage that can compromise your safety. If you have hit a pothole and suspect it may have caused damage, especially to your alignment, come see the mechanic Canandaigua NY residents trust at Murphy’s Tire as soon as possible. Pothole damage isn’t something you should ever ignore.

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