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When Cars Meet Potholes

You know in an instant when you hit a pothole. In fact, if you hit a big one, you may be scared out of your wits for a second. While the initial shock may frighten you, that fear may pale in comparison to when you discover the damage a pothole can cause - especially to your alignment. As your mechanic Canandaigua NY expert, we know the dangers of this season.

When you hit a pothole, the wheel that goes into the hole changes trajectory. It literally gets thrown into another direction. The other wheels fight to stay on course with where you are steering. This battle between the wheels (even though it only lasts a split second) can cause some major alignment issues. The damage that can be caused isn’t something you feel or can see immediately either, which makes it all the more frustrating.

A messed up alignment isn’t the only problem that can be caused by a pothole. The sheer force and severity of the hit can cause tire problems too. Tire damage can make a full blow out if you hit the hole fast and hard enough. Or, it can mean uneven wear and tear that will lead to a costly replacement before the other ones need to be replaced.

Whether you notice damage immediately or after winter is starting to subside, you need to pay close attention to any changes to your vehicle. Pothole damage and the alignment issues it can lead to is nothing to ignore. Call Murphy’s Tire and schedule an appointment with a mechanic Canandaigua NY residents can rely on to find and fix pothole damage.

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