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Don’t Ignore Pothole Damage!

It can be tempting to put off auto repairs, especially in the dead of winter when the salt and dirt are piling up. When you hit a pothole, you might shrug it off and think “oh well, I’m sure there are more down the road.” You are probably right. This time of year, potholes are everywhere and they can be unavoidable. Just ask your mechanic Canandaigua NY, this doesn’t mean you should ignore or put off any maintenance to deal with pothole damage.

Pothole damage may not be obvious at first. Sure, if the tire didn’t blow out and leave you stranded on the side of a road, you are tempted to just keep driving and get home. But, if you notice any pulling and any shaking as you drive the next week and the week after that, the pothole may have caused alignment problems.

Alignment issues can be subtle at first and then increase as time goes on. If the car starts pulling to one side, this can be dangerous and lead to problems controlling the car. It also causes uneven wear and tear on the tires. Having a tire wear unevenly leads to unreliable performance.

If you have hit a few potholes and notice the pulling of the car when you drive down the road, ask the mechanic Canandaigua NY trusts from Murphy’s Tire. We will get to the bottom of your pothole and alignment problems.

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