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When it Comes to Pothole Damage, Murphy's Tire Can Help!

There is nothing worse than cruising along on a nice and smooth road, with a bright sunny winter wonderland ahead - then BOOM, you hit a massive pothole. The feeling can be very jarring and even make you lose control for a minute.

Once you have regained control of the car, you need to check for potential damage. A huge pothole can lead to all kinds of damage to your vehicle. The most immediate sign of damage is a flat or punctured tire. Luckily, most potholes don’t lead to severe tire damage in an instant but, just because there isn’t immediate damage doesn’t mean there isn’t any damage. You may not know exactly what got jostled (or how badly) until some time later. Pothole damage, like alignment issues can take a long time to present itself enough for you to even notice. Once you do notice it though, you need to deal with it quickly. Letting alignment problems go only makes them worse.

Call the pothole damage experts at Murphy’s Tire and let one of our mechanic Canandaigua NY specialists take a look at any pothole or other winter damage.

Have you ever been startled by hitting an unexpected pothole?

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