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Why Might Your Exhaust Need Repair?

When you think of auto repair Canandaigua NY, does your mind go to the engine or body of a car? Well, the exhaust system of your car is just as important as the rest and needs just as much attention as the rest of the vehicle.

The exhaust system is under the vehicle and is necessary to protect you and the environment from harmful emissions. The combustion process leads to fumes that are dangerous and need to be dealt with. The exhaust system keep those fumes away from the vehicle and reduces their toxicity. They are essentially transformed to less harmful gases before being released.

The exhaust system also deals with and muffles the sound of the engine. The noise is dissipated by the muffler and makes the sound of a car much more bearable. If you have ever heard the noise a car makes when the muffler malfunctions, you know what a difference a working exhaust system makes.

Just like any other part of a vehicle, the status of your exhaust matters. When working properly, you might not give it much thought. When something goes wrong with the exhaust, you realize pretty fast just how vital it is. Keep up with your exhaust system maintenance and let the auto repair Canandaigua NY experts at Murphy’s Tire keep your car and exhaust running smoothly.

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