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Spring Has Sprung!

Believe it or not, this winter seems to have finally been “shown the door.” Even if there is one last burst of snow or ice thrown our way, now is the time to see Murphy’s Tire (car repair Canandaigua NY) about getting those winter tires off your car or truck.

Winter tires are essential for our area - especially after all we dealt with this winter. However, once winter retreats, you can’t forget to have them removed. If left on when the sun starts warming up the pavement each day, they won’t hold up and can lead to car issues. Winter tires are made of a soft rubber, designed to grip the road in icy and snowy conditions. However, in warm weather, they will cause the car to drag and actually impact your gas mileage. Getting them off once the days get longer and warmer is your best bet.

Your tires are not the only car part to take a beating over the long, cold winter. Your windshield wiper blades might also be suffering. The winter is extremely tough on blades as chunks of ice build up and get flung back and forth. Getting a fresh pair of blades put on is inexpensive and also makes a world of difference. Doing it before the spring rains come pouring down is easy with the help of the experts at Murphy’s Tire (car repair Canandaigua NY).

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