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Don’t Ignore Fuel Injection Issues

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year in Canandaigua NY, so car maintenance often gets pushed to the backburner. Car owners often give additional attention to their vehicles throughout the winter, but they frequently forget that maintenance is just as necessary throughout the summer as well. If you haven’t thought much about your fuel injection system, you may want to give it the necessary attention before the summer gets fully underway.

You will likely want to have your fuel injection system cleaned every 30,000 miles, approximately 24 months, by professional auto mechanics in Canandaigua NY. If you struggle to remember when to schedule your next cleaning, you can watch for certain signs on your vehicle. For example, if you struggle to start the engine during the cold winter months, you will want to have your vehicle checked for clog.

If you choose to have your fuel injection system cleaned regularly, you will likely save gas money. When your vehicle remains clogged for an extended period of time, it will decrease the fuel pressure by slowing down the fuel. In that case, your vehicle uses more gas than necessary to cover the same distance. If you get the clog cleaned away immediately, you will allow your vehicle to reach maximum fuel efficiency and alleviate unnecessary strain on your vehicle.

Murphy’s Tire (auto mechanic Canandaigua NY) can help you remember when to clean your fuel injection system. In addition, they ensure all systems in your vehicle run as they should. When you address any problems with your fuel injection system when you first detect them, you can prevent bigger issues that arrive later in the season.

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