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Escape the Heat

According to the National Climatic Data Center, this June ranked above temperature average for the Rochester area and the entire northeast . Even though it has been above average temperature-wise, it certainly hasn’t compared to the heatwave of 1936, when it reached 108 degrees. Your car can easily overheat and set its own heat record. Reign in the problem before you have a full-on breakdown.

A broken fan belt often causes overheating especially in older cars as they wear out over time. Fortunately, a broken fan belt can be an easy and affordable fix.

Newer cars can overheat too. The electric fan in new models malfunction. The fan draws in cooler air through the radiator. If the fan goes bad, the engine doesn’t cool properly. Either the fan needs to be replaced or the fan switch needs to have it’s connection corrected.

Regardless of age, the radiator itself may be the problem. After 50,000 miles, radiators get clogged with “gummy” substances. If it isn’t flushed every year, those “gummy” substances lead to a full-on clog, leading to overheating. Remember to flush the system regularly.

Overheating can affect your entire engine. If you keep all of these parts in check, you can avoid overheating. If your car has been overheating, let Murphy’s Tire check it out and keep it running at maximum efficiency even on those record-breaking dog days of summer.

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