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Three Must-Know Tire Safety Tips For Winter

What with the snow, rain, salt, and slush that winter brings to Canandaigua each year, driving can be such a pain! But more than just being a nuisance, driving can also cause serious safety hazards. How can you maintain your own safety on the road and at the same time reach the maximum potential of your tires?

  1. Check your tire pressure once a month

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Tire pressure, measured in PSI (pound per square inch), will lessen about one to two pounds for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. So the cold weather can be a constant reminder for you to check your pressure more often during drastic temperature changes--like, say, now, for example.


  1. Balance, Align, Rotate, Repeat!

If you sense tremors in your steering system, you probably need to give some attention to your tires. Start by getting them balanced and aligned. Each tire has small metal beads located in the tread. If these beads have sunk deep into the tread, you know your tire needs to be balanced. Once your tire mechanic balances each tire on a special machine, he’ll align it appropriately during the mounting process. Don’t just check this tip off the list--your tires need to have this process done about once a year.

  1. Register your Tires

Registering your tires is the best way to keep track of tire recalls. You can register your tires by looking up the tire manufacturers online or contacting them by mail. If your tires have been recalled, you can get them all replaced for free.

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