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Switch to All-Season/Summer Tires

Switch to All-Season/Summer Tires

Why you SHOULDN’T use your winter tires all year long

March means spring. With the (slowly) rising temperatures, do you notice a roar from the winter tires you just installed for this winter? We’ll let you in a little secret:

Once temperatures reach about 45 degrees F (7 degrees C), it’s time to switch back to summer or all-season tires.

Tire manufacturers create varieties of tires that accommodate different temperatures and elements. When they design winter tires, they include a thick rubber carcass that can withstand sub-zero temperatures without becoming brittle and breakable.

Why Do Winter Tires Get Too Hot?

This thicker compound will expand when it becomes overheated, which can happen both from the outside temperature and from the friction that ensues from the road.

Winter tires have specific entities that help them perform in winter. The grooves and sipes that increase traction in winter conditions actually lose their grip in warmer temperatures. As the tire interacts with the pavement, their grooves create excess heat within each crevice. The heat then attacks the binder of the tire compound, which basically encourages the tire to chemically dissolve.

On top of that, since winter tires have a much more flexible tread than summer and all-season tires, they’ll wear down much faster. They won’t respond as quickly to sharp turns and movements. You’ll feel like the steering is “mushy” instead of firm.

We hope this encourages you to be safe and exchange your winter tires to summer or all-season once the temperature is right. If you need any more tips or installation services, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you out!

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