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Spring-Cleaning Car Edition Maintenance CheckList

Auto repair and maintenance applies to car-owners year-round. But in the same way someone chose spring to be the designated season for cleaning, it’s also the designated car-cleaning season (but don’t be surprised if you hear us call summer, winter, and autumn the same thing). But how difficult would it be to tack on a few more car-related items to your cleaning list?

We have 4 points you need to CHECK on your car that you can then CHECK off your list!

  1. Check the Tire Tread

Where does your tire “wear” its wear? Each wear pattern indicates a car maintenance problem.

  • Wear along the outer edge or the sidewall of the tire: Your tires are underinflated.
  • Wear along the center of your tire: Your tires are overinflated and are bowing outward.

  • Wear along only one edge of your tire: Your wheels have poor alignment.

Solution: Check your tire pressure once a month. Most tires want about 35 psi, but always check your owner’s manual to be sure.

  1. Check the Suspension System

Winter can be brutal on your car’s suspension system. The melting snow reveals deep potholes that can seriously damage your car. You’ll be able to tell if your suspension system has been thrown off if:

  • You feel the car pulling to one side as you drive

  • You discover that your shocks and struts are damaged or oily

  • You notice excessive bounce when your car is jolted

  • Your tires show uneven tread wear

  1. Check the Battery

Familiar with the sound of a sputtering engine? The cold temperatures reduce the battery’s ability to hold an electrical charge, making it struggle to start every time you turn the key. Older batteries have an exceptionally hard time to start in the cold. Your options to fix the problem are fairly limited:

  • Charge your battery at least once a week

  • Test your battery if it’s at least three years old

  • Replace your battery if the above checks don’t make a difference

  1. Check your Cooling System

Despite the havoc of winter on your vehicle, warmer temperatures ARE on the way. You’ll want to use your A/C soon, so it’s time to get your cooling system flushed and ready for spring/summer. Most importantly, make sure to top off your coolant levels.

If you need help with any of these check points, just give us a call at 585-394-2350 or visit us at our location in Canandaigua, New York. We’d be happy to help you check off some of your spring cleaning car edition maintenance tips!

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