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Auto Repair: The Best, Most Overlooked Gift for Mom

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Wondering what you should do for mom this Mother’s Day? One of the most practical (but never thought of) options is outfitting her vehicle for warmer weather. Car repairs can be costly and time-consuming, so she’s probably put many little tune-up car chores on the back burner.

But how about you set aside May 10th as the day to make mom’s ride smooth and fit for warmer weather.

We’ve got some car tips compiled for you to make mom’s vehicle fit for a queen→

  1. Take a Brake

Take a look at her brake pads for excessive wear. Warmer weather often causes pads to wear down faster, so remember to check them periodically over the course of the season.

Drum brakes and disc brakes behave a little differently, so check the owner’s manual for instructions. You’ll want to check them to make sure they’re not wet – wet brakes don’t respond as well and you don’t want your mom to have any trouble handling them.

  1. Don’t Tread on Eggshells

The first task you need to complete is switching your mom’s tires from winter to summer. She shouldn’t have to worry about her winter tires decomposing throughout the spring and summer, which is what will happen if you don’t make the switch. She’ll also save on fuel costs by getting better mileage.

You’ll need to check the tread on her tires once the weather is consistently above 45˚F. Summer or all-season tires have a less aggressive tread, which is better suited for hydroplaning prevention and dry areas.

  1. Keep it Cool

Once the weather (finally) turns warm, mom will want to keep cool in the car, so make sure you check her cooling system and air conditioning. Look for leaks in the belts and hoses – she’ll quickly lose all the refrigerant if there’s even a small leak somewhere.

We also suggest recharging her air conditioning. Although it’s a 15 minute task, we recommend getting an experienced mechanic to help you out. If you need help, just give us a call at 585-394-2350 and we’d be happy to answer any questions or do it for you. We’re here for you!

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