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The Most Popular Ride to Drive for 2015

A few trends in the automobile industry have flooded our area. If you’re interested in trading your current vehicle, you’ll want to check out these 3 types to keep up with popular driving trends!

As car manufacturers explore new ways to incorporate more efficient driving methods, they’ve found 3 features  of 2015 that make car owners go crazy!  

  1. Fast Cars

A lot of us like to live life in the fast lane, and that reflects in our choice of what we drive. Speed requires a lot of stops at the local gas station. And thanks to “fracking” – hydraulic fracturing – the U.S. has acquired a large quantity of crude oil, which is lowering the price of gas. We’re now at a national average of $2.24 p/g according to Forbes, so those speed lovers are filling up the tank and stepping on the accelerator. If you want a fast car, you’re going to want to make sure a professional car mechanic adjusts the fuel pressure, the timing of the ignition, and the car’s ECU. car mechanic

  1. Economical Cars

Car technology has already improved over the decades, advancing far beyond automatic locks and windows. The new touch screen sync system is extremely user friendly, offering navigation, GPS systems, weather, and more. And that’s not mentioning the new fuel efficiency techniques like the engine’s automatic shut-off when the car is stopped.

  1. Heavy Duty Trucks

This is upstate New York – we need our heavy duty trucks for serious transporting, lugging, carrying, relocating, etc. And of course let’s not forget recreation like mudding and backroading. This dependable type of vehicle, once referred to as a wheelbarrow that you can drive, symbolizes the American Dream: Since we have to work anyway, we might as well find a way to make work play.

If you’re ready to trade rides, take a look at these 3 types. Feel free to leave some recommendations in the space below for others interested to trade!

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