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How to Prepare your Vehicle for your Summer Roadtrip

Auto Repair Shop Canandaigua NY

 Auto Repair Shop Canandaigua NYAre you ready to hit the road for that long-awaited SUMMER VACATION? It won’t be long now before your family climbs into the family vehicle and takes off for brighter skies and great beaches (or whatever). You’re already prepared mentally and physically for the road trip, but have you prepared your VEHICLE for the many miles ahead? Take a look at some tips that will make your trip a smoother ride! 

  1. Clean & Wax the Exterior

First, to prepare the exterior of your vehicle, clean and wax with products specifically designed for cars. Many car owners use dish soap as their first go-to when they’re ready to scrub down their car, but the abrasives in dish soap remove the polymers in car paint, which slowly deteriorates your car’s protective covering. Use car soaps.

You’ll then want to wax the car to protect the clean exterior from the long road trip ahead of you. For the plastic parts on your vehicle, we suggest spray wax. Paste waxes are efficient and easy to use, but if you want a vibrant shine, use liquid wax.

  1. Tidy the Interior

    Auto Repair Shop Canandaigua NY

If this is the first major road trip of the season, then your vehicle probably still has the ice scraper somewhere in the backseat and heavy sandbags in the trunk. It’s time to remove those to make room for your luggage. We suggest investing in a car trash can that will collect wrappers, bottles, the remains of drive-thru meals, and hand-sanitizer wipes. These handy car bins are incredibly convenient and easy to use.

  1. Perform a Simple Maintenance Check

You’ll definitely want to check your tire pressure. It they’re deflated as much as 5 psi, you’ll lose 2% of your gas mileage. 2% might not sound like a lot, but when you multiply that by hundreds of miles, it adds up. Properly inflated tires will also give you better traction on the road, with improved turning, stopping, and slowing control.

If you need any other tips about how to prepare your car for the road, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to help you make sure your vacation is everything you dream it to be!

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