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Quick Checks for your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

Quick Checks for your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

Car Repair Shop Canandaigua NY

Now that it’s summer, you probably have the A/C unit in your vehicle cranked up to full speed and the COLDEST temperature. But have you already experienced some technical difficulties with the air conditioning in your car? These issues aren’t merely annoying – they often lead to expensive problems if they aren’t addressed immediately.

Let’s Go Through Some Background Info

Your vehicle’s air conditioning unit has a few key components: the condenser, receiver drier, the compressor, refrigerant charge port, expansion valve, evaporator, and multiple hoses and connections. The refrigerant undergoes a constant liquid-gas-liquid process as it flows through the condenser and compressor.

If your car’s A/C isn’t allowing a smooth airflow throughout the cabin, it may be experiencing several processing errors. Car Repair Shop Canandaigua NY

  1. Even after the refrigerant goes through the evaporator and is directed elsewhere, some moisture is left behind. That moisture invites mold and mildew to collect in your evaporator, blocking the air vents from discharging air.

  2. If the ventilation fan or blower motor malfunctions, the cool air has no way to circulate throughout the cabin. You’ll notice your car won’t get as cold as it used to.

  3. If you have a blown fuse in your cooling system, the power will shut off and you won’t feel any cool air at all. Car Repair Shop Canandaigua NY

If you experience any of these issues with your air conditioner, contact your local car mechanic right away. If you procrastinate, the problem could escalate to the point you lose the entire air conditioning unit, which decreases the overall value of your vehicle. During our air conditioning maintenance checkup and diagnosis, we’ll check all the belts, hoses, connections, etc. and replace the filter. Call 585-394-2350 for more information or to schedule!

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