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Guard your Vehicle from Rust!

Now that November has arrived, we’re all thinking about Thanksgiving, family get-togethers, decorating for the holidays, and of course, snow. Once the snows arrive, the roads will be caked with road salt and winter debris. Even if we haven’t experienced the first snow yet, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle now to protect it – especially the undercarriage – from rust.

How You Can Protect Your Vehicle From Excessive Rust

  1. Pressure wash you car

First, thoroughly clean your vehicle, especially the undercarriage where debris can collect without the car owner realizing it. Don’t use dish soap since that can break down the polymers in your car paint – which is the one material we’re trying to protect.

  1. Apply car wax or car paint sealant

Yes, apply a paint protectant that guards your vehicle against the damaging effects of snow salt. What’s the difference between car wax and car paint sealant? The two are pretty much the same thing, so just choose any one. You’ll notice a wet gleam afterward and the paint color will look more vibrant.

  1. Install Undercoating

Most auto manufacturers design the undercarriage with galvanized steel nowadays to protect the metal from rusting, but if you’ve had any welding fix-it work done under your car, you’ll need to protect it from rust. Professionals will spray self-healing, wax-based products on the undercarriage and “the boot and the bonnet” – also known as the hood and the trunk. You’ll be able to check their work by noticing a slightly tacky, amber-colored substance in vulnerable areas of your car.

We want our auto shop customers to protect their vehicle from rusting faster than it should. If you have any questions, call 585.394.2350 and we’d be happy to chat!

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